Commercial Drone Photography and Video Now At Studio 101 West! - Halter Ranch Winery Aerial Drone Photos

Yes, I am now an FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot. Commercial use of drones is so highly regulated by the FAA that before August 2016 you had to have a full-on pilot's license to be able to fly drones for hire. Today, commercial unmanned aircraft pilots are required to pass a background check and a rigorous knowledge test at an FAA testing center. I am excited to add this new and amazing technology to my commercial photography toolbox.

Drone Photography - Architectural Drone Photography - Studio 101 West Photography
These aerial angles were hardly possible a couple of years ago. Even with an expensive helicopter shoot these angles are so low that it would have been a major disturbance to the business. But with a drone I can choose angles that best show off the artistic roof lines and still show the front of the buildings without disturbing the business.

Halter Ranch Winery Drone Photography  - Studio 101 West Photography

A drone was the only way to get this perfect angle that shows how the out buildings tie into the main winery and tasting room.

Drone Photography - Architectural Drone Photography - Studio 101 West Photography
The Halter Ranch winery features gravity fed production with the grapes entering on the upper ramp in the back and the juice is gravity fed to the fermenting tanks and barrels.

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