Lighting for Architecture and Commercial Photography - Always Be Prepared

Architecture and Lifestyle Photography Lighting Kit
Now and then people ask me what kind of equipment I will bring to their location shoot, so while I was checking my lights the other day I thought I would take inventory. What you see here fits in my lighting bag, which I bring to all my architecture and commercial shoots. It mainly consists of 6 lights, radio controls, color correction filters, flash meter, and lots of batteries, light modifiers, and stand adapters. Add to that my camera bag, light stand bag, umbrellas and softboxes and I am prepared for almost anything. If I need more power I bring out the studio lights. If there's one thing I learned from being a Boy Scout leader for 10 years it's "Be Prepared."

Here are some examples of multiple lighting on a few location assignments:
Architecture and Lifestyle Photography Lighting
Server Room at Rosetta San Luis Obispo, California.
Architecture and Lifestyle Photography Lighting
Coffee break bar at Rosetta in San Luis Obispo, California.

Location Lifestyle Photography Lighting
Frame alignment machine at Davis Body Shop in Atascadero, California.

Location Architecute Photography Lighting
Lobby, Museum Park Tower 4, Chicago, Illinois

Architecture and Lifestyle Photography Lighting
ER Team in action, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital

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